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What's your big idea?

Whether you have something you’d like to release in the Apple Store, or just something internally for your business, we’ll help you out.

We can arrange a confidential meeting to discuss your idea, while also giving you our professional advice and expertise.

With an estimated 77% of Apple iOS devices activated for enterprise use at the end of 2011, now is the time for creating iPhone and iPad apps!

There are many thousands of commercial (and free) applications/software available through the iPad and iPhone App Store ... from GPS navigation, business presentation applications and organizers to fishing games and a virtual box of chocolates (!).

With endless possibilities, we can bring your idea to life on the iPad or iPhone

Just imagine - your property inspectors, sales force, or consultants can work while they are in the field and push the results of their work directly into a live database for storage, sharing, and processing.

We maintain a comprehensive suite of devices in-house, including most generations of iPhones and iPad WiFi + 3G devices, to use as test and demonstration machines for our iPad/iPhone development work, and have already started working on cutting-edge ideas.

iPhone application launch in March 2012
Cata Software is developing its first iPhone application ready for launch in March 2016
SaveAs outlook add in
SaveAs outlook add in now available