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Cata Software is a private company, consisting of creative and multi-talented web designers and web developers. We provide the full web package including web design, web development, web application, web hosting, and web services. As a complete web solutions team, Cata Software offers customer-oriented web design services and delivers you creative and effective results.

The Internet is littered with thousand of out-of the-box software. However, you have to ask yourself the questions that will a out-of-the-box software works for your business? what if your business has a unique requirement or specification, wil the software be able to handle that?

This is where custom software developed by Cata comes in the picture. Cata will incorporate unique features of your business and specifics whilst designing the software. Our years of experience in software design and development makes our customised software applications extremely costefective, while providing significently improved information management process specific to your busines. Basically, the end product is highly optimised, functional software built to be business specific.

Custom Software, as the name implies allows you to have your own place of software that is customised to meet your unique busines development - the possibilities of what it can do are endles!

iPhone application launch in March 2012
Cata Software is developing its first iPhone application ready for launch in March 2016
SaveAs outlook add in
SaveAs outlook add in now available